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comfortable camping gear upgrades

9 Gear Upgrades for Comfortable Camping

Look, we’re as big fans of roughin’ it as the next guys – but that doesn’t mean your gear needs to actually be rough. Here’s a look at some of our favorite gear upgrades to make your next camping trip even more enjoyable.

barebones forest lantern

Forest Lantern, Barebones Living

“My intention is for Barebones to inspire a desire to consciously engage with nature,” writes Barebones Living founder Robert Workman. For those looking to engage with nature at night, the Forest Lantern has you covered.

Its steel body harkens back to a simpler time, but this is no out-of-date lantern. A USB port on the backside lets you charge your devices when needed, and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries keep the Forest Lantern goin’ at it for up to 80 hours on the lower light settings.

barebones forest lantern

The lantern has always been an icon of exploration, and Barebones’ take on it – available in red, antique bronze and satin nickel – is a modern redefinition of a timeless classic. Buy from Barebones Living

best made company canvas camp stool

The Canvas Camp Stool, Best Made Company

Camp seating options run the gamut (we see you, makeshift rock bench), but you’d be hard-pressed to find a stool that looks and functions as good as Best Made Company’s Canvas Camp Stool.

Made from #10 (tan) or #8 (red) waxed canvas, their Camp Stool repels water, stands up in seconds and weighs just over two pounds, so it’s easy to throw in with the rest of your gear. It’s backed by Best Made’s lifetime guarantee, but with its rust-proof steel frame and USA-made duck canvas, you might not need it.

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united by blue steel mug

Let’s Get Lost Enamel Steel Mug, United by Blue

If you haven’t wrapped your fingers around a warm cup of coffee in an enamel steel mug, you’re missing out. But no longer – with United by Blue’s Let’s Get Lost camp mug, you can enjoy one of camping’s finest comfortable goods.

This heavy duty mug is made in Europe, double-dipped in porcelain to keep up with all your adventures, and offers the morning reminder that getting lost on the journey is more fun than playing it safe.

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pendleton yakima blanket

Yakima Camp Blanket, Pendleton

There are camp blankets, and there are Pendleton camp blankets. We’re talking two different leagues here, folks. Pendleton’s Yakima is the company’s bestselling camp blanket, a wool-cotton blend modeled after old-time shepherd blankets used in the region that Pendleton calls home: the great Pacific Northwest.

Available in five colors and two sizes, the Yakima Camp Blanket is the definition of comfortable camping. It’s made in the US and built to be the sort of thing that your kids fight about when you’re dead and gone.

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pendleton yakima blanket

bradley mountain bandana

Land Bandana, Bradley Mountain

The crew at San Diego-based Bradley Mountain is known for their rugged waxed canvas bags, but they make a fine bandana to boot. The third in their “wind, sea, land” series, the Land Bandana is 100 percent natural cotton linen that ages handsomely. Exquisitely detailed, the Land Bandana is a practical and stylish accessory for camping, no matter how you get there.

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bradley mountain bandana

lems boulder boot

Boulder Boot, Lems

Lems asked the question: why isn’t there a damn good minimalist boot on the market? No one answered, so they scratched their own itch with the Boulder Boot, named after their hometown.

Clocking in at under 10 ounces, the Boulder is the self-proclaimed “world’s most pack-able boot.” It does all this without sacrificing quality, comfort or the features necessary for comfortable hiking and camping. Made from leather, 1200 denier nylon and proprietary, air-injected LemsRubber™, the Boulder is as durable as it is flexible.

If most hiking boots feel like canoes on your feet, you’ll dig how well the Boulder moves out in the wild.

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lems boulder boot

filson mackinaw watch

The Mackinaw Field Watch, Filson

We grew up with Timex Expeditions, but there comes a time and place for a field watch upgrade. Enter: The Mackinaw Field Watch from Filson. Assembled by hand in Detroit-based Shinola’s factory, the Mackinaw offers rugged style and precision for the environments that call for it most.

Our favorite of the Mackinaw’s 9 styles sports a US-tanned Horween leather that develops a gorgeous patina, the perfect contrast to the stainless steel body that makes this a camping upgrade worth saving up for.

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venture 30 solar charger

Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit, Goal Zero

Yes, camping is about leaving behind many of the creature comforts of home, but for adventurers not willing to go totally off-grid, the Venture 30 kit offers quick and element-proof solar charging.

Its cordless setup makes it easy to transport, and several charging options makes it easy to get your small devices ready to go. For more remote backcountry trips, an IPX6 weatherproof rating makes the Venture one of the most durable solar charging kits on the market.

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12 hour hand warmer zippo

12-Hour Hand Warmer, Zippo

When we were younger, we’d heat up rocks on the campfire, wrap ’em up in an old t-shirt and place them strategically in our sleeping bags. Those days are (mostly) gone. Now, we have things like the 12-hour hand warmer from Zippo, a minimalist option for those who want something to last all night.

Just fill the flameless body with fluid, light the burner and enjoy up to 12 hours of safe but strong heat. The cool black metal case is durable and holds up well for all types of trips – hunting, climbing, you name it.

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